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Newsletter - 08/16/2017
Hi everyone, hope you training is going well. Here is the August edition of the Huntersville-Concord Triathlon Club (H-CTC) News Letter (a few days later than normal). Posted below are our upcoming races, workouts and social events. In addition, take a look at the list of previous and upcoming races along with a list of our current sponsors all of whom are offering fantastic discounts!
We look forward to seeing you at one of our upcoming activities!!

REMINDER: If you are attending any upcoming run, bike or triathlon races please let us know by selecting a race your H-CTC teammates are doing or by searching for and adding your name to a race of your choice to the Race Reach Calendar.

Previous Races:
  • Triangle Triathlon: Kevin H

Upcoming Races & Current Participants:
Volunteer Opportunity:
  • If you aren’t racing the Lake Norman Sprint on August 26, Kathy Palencia from the Lake Norman YMCA is looking for volunteers to support the race. This is a great opportunity to give back and support a local race. If you’re interested, contact us at info@h-ctc.com or Kathy directly at Kathy.palencia@ymcacharlotte.org
Facebook Updates:
  • Be sure to join our Facebook group (https://www.facebook.com/groups/HuntersvilleConcordTC/). We will be posting fun survey questions to the group on Monday mornings and then posting a resource (article, video, etc.) each Thursday that we hope will be helpful in your training.
Upcoming Social Events:
  • Since our July social was so late in the month, we will not have a social in August.
  • Our September social is being planned and will centered around a non-triathlon activity. Check our Facebook group and RaceReach for dates and details.
  • Our October social will bring some triathlon related activity in a fun, team (or individual) event. Be sure to join our Facebook group and check RaceReach for dates and details.

Kind regards,
H-CTC Team
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