H-CTC is USA Triathlon registered and has a full complement of officers & 90+ members. We post our Board meetings that are held each month. Annual dues: $30 ($25 plus handling charges).

Sullivan's Family Chiropractic was our primary sponsor for 2015. Sun & Ski Sports, and Podium Multisports were our silver sponsors. Nomad Aquatics, INFINIT Nutrition, Generation UCAN, and XTERRA are our other sponsors. Gordon, Keeter & Co is also a sponsor and takes care of our club's taxes.  We should have our sponsors for 2016 locked down by early February.

What do we do?

Swimming: We have Tuesday and Thursday swim drills. The swim drills run about an hour, all designed by Jim Coleman & Ryan McAnelly. This hour goes by VERY fast! Where? Nomad Aquatics. When? Tu and Th at 5:30 a.m., yes it's a little early, but we guarantee the drills are a LOT more fun with a group.

Cycling: On Saturday mornings, we try to schedule a bike ride which has been averaging about 30+ miles, weather permitting. Anyone interested in starting a beginner's ride, please contact us.

Running: Our running group meets on Monday and Wednesday at 5:30 a.m., please check our club calendar for locations. Ian MacLeod is our club's run director. The runs are open to all levels of runners and yes, it does help to train with a running group!

Our sponsorships will be determined by the end of February 2016 and we will solicit inputs from our members and if funds allow.